Our Story

A bit of history...

The Association of Dance & Freestyle Professionals (ADFP) was established in 1981 by a group of innovative and forward thinking professional DANCE TEACHERS. Their primary aim was to promote and advance the teaching of Disco Dancing which later evolved into Freestyle.

The association set out clear rules and guidelines for membership which allowed our sport to flourish. The style and its associated forms have developed into a truly exhilarating type of dance. The introduction of a limited amount of acrobatics and the new “Slow Dance“ sections have captivated the interest of thousands of young dancers.

In the last year alone a number of Freestyle dancers have appeared in a host of TV talent shows including “Got to Dance” & “Britain’s Got Talent”. This has brought our exciting form of dance to an entire new audience. As an association we are very proud of our professional members’ achievements and those of their students.

A.D.F.P. members are expected to act in the Associations best interests at all times and maintain exemplary standards of etiquette and professionalism. Our students all deserve to be taught in a safe, fun environment and to receive the very best tuition. We have a duty of care to our students and it is a condition of our application process that all members have been DBS or Disclosure checked.

The Executive Council deals with all matters of administration, rules, discipline and general governance. In addition we have Area Committees which serve the interests of the local membership and promote the association within their regions. Details of your local area chairman can be found under the contact section of this site.

Meet The Team

The outstanding members of the ADFP Executive Committee.

Diane Corbett

Chief Executive Officer

Derek Nicol

Assistant Chief Executive Officer

Tracy Walters

National Chair

Kemi Chandler

Vice Chair & Midland Area Chair

Craig Walker

Northern Area Chair

Vicky Cooper

Southern Area Chair

Colin Maxwell

Northern Ireland Chair

Claire Beddows

EC Member

Wendy Baker

EC Member

Adam Nightingale

EC Member