IMPORTANT INFORMATION – a reminder of a previous notification.

If you are hosting any on-line classes or workshops or running virtual competitions using instagram, Facebook, Zoom or any other social media site, please remember our rules and guidelines require that you have prior permission from the teachers who have registered your participants with the ADFP/BDC, for their pupils to take part in any of these events.

The ADFP cannot endorse any of these lectures or events and they will not be covered by our insurance. For your own peace of mind please check you have your own insurance.

We would also remind you to be aware of the guest teaching rule (Rules 39d and 45) and ensure that you do not breach any part of these rules.

The ADFP wishes to ensure that our industry re-emerges from the current lockdown in a healthy manner. Please remember that as dance professionals you are expected to treat your fellow professionals in a respectful manner at all times and maintain a professional distance between yourselves and any amateur from a different school.

Kind regards

Denise Baker