Hi everyone

We hope you are all keeping well and getting ready in England to reopen your schools to under 18’s from Monday 12th April and in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland not long afterwards.

We have been asked about the ADFP Uk Lockdown Championships and can now give you the following information.

ADFP Uk Lockdown Championships

Entries are now being reopened for the ADFP life losing event.

Entry forms are now available from dawndanceentries@mail.com

This is how it works:

1 Teachers send entries to dawndanceentries@mail.com along with entry fees (£10 per dancer)
2 Teachers will be issued with numbers for the dancers and informed where to send the video clips.
3 Dancers’ videos to be sent in between now and 31st May 2021 (the long date is to accommodate all Uk regions but please send in as soon as you can)
Please note normal costume and makeup rules apply.
4 Dancers will be judged through the rounds to the finals by region
5 The winner of each final in each region will be entered into the ADFP Live Grand Finals

The teachers of the winning dancers will be fully informed about the process and running of the live finals once the regional heats have all been run.

The finals of the ADFP Uk Lockdown Championships will take place on Sunday 27th June 2021 and will be live from around the Uk.

The Grand Finals can be watched by spectators full details will follow later.


And to all of our professional colleagues – good luck with reopening and getting everything up and running again.

Kind regards

Denise Baker and all of your Executive Council