Can I purchase tickets for a competition if I am not at a dance school currently?

No. All ticket purchases must be done through a registered professional. If you have left your current dance school, then you will need to register with a new school before you can compete again (subject to our rules on moving dance schools/bans).

How do I check how many lives my child has lost?

Your dance teacher should be able to tell you how many child your lives has lost, if however they are not sure then please use the contact form. You will need to provide the name of your child, school, ADFP number and your own name and address. We can not answer any such queries unless this information is provided.

How do I make a complaint

In the first instance you should make your complaint to your dance school principal. In the event that your complaint is about the principal of your dance school then please use our contact form and provide as much information as possible, including contact details. We shall then forward a copy of our complaints form. Whilst all emails are noted, it is very difficult for us to act upon anonymous complaints so we ask that you provided your contact details. All complaints are treated seriously and handled in accordance with our rules and best practice.

What if I forget to take my status card to a competition?

You cannot dance. Whilst this can be very upsetting to young children we can not allow any amateurs to compete without provide their status cards to the scrutineer before the competition in question starts. If there are any questions on the day then this should be done through your dance teacher to the promoter.

Where can I find an ADFP dance school?

Please see our list of approved schools. We update this list on a monthly basis. If you are aware of a school claiming to be an ADFP registered school that is not on the list then please contact us using our contact form.